About the Albany County Historical Association

Albany County Historical Association was founded in 1942. In 1947, the NYS Regents granted ACHA an absolute charter. It is a private, not-for-profit educational corporation headquartered at the historic Ten Broeck Mansion in the Arbor Hill neighborhood of the city of Albany, New York. The mission of the ACHA is to preserve, present, and promote the rich history and culture of Albany County.

The ACHA is committed to educational and cultural outreach. It accomplshes this through exhibits, lectures, concerts, tours, and other educational activities. These include a Living History Day in May and a summer Archaeology Camp for children.

ACHA is a vital anchor to the Arbor Hill community. As such, the organization is involved in the promotion of the neighborhood, and serves on several committees focused on business development in the area and promotion of local arts and culture in the immediate neighborhood.

The ACHA actively partners with other historical and cultural institutions, and works to promote Albany County's rich history with events held at the Ten Broeck Mansion as well as other locations around the Capital District.