ACHA operates under the guidance of various committees…

ACHA operates under the guidance of various committees. Each committee meets every other month on average. Listed below are the active ACHA committees with a brief description of their responsibilities and functions.

Collections Committee

The Collections Committee is concerned with the management of the real property of the organization, including arranging for the upkeep, maintenance and use of the collections and other goods of the organization.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for devising ways to recruit and sustain the membership of the organization.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the fiscal and procedural operations of the organization and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The committee also drafts the annual budget for the organization.

Programming and Education Committee

The Programming and Education Committee is responsible for developing programming for the organization. This includes lectures, exhibits, and special events such as Living History Day, Archeology Camp, and Halloween Fundraisers.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for devising ways to provide for the long term financial stability of the organization.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for the management and maintenance the Ten Broeck Mansion and the surrounding grounds.

Holiday House Committee

The Holiday House Committee plans and executes the organization’s main fundraiser, a month-long series of events including the Champagne Preview Party, Holiday Tea, musical performances, open house, children’s story hour, dinners and lectures. The committee also coordinates for the decorating of the mansion, the holiday gift shop, children’s crafts, raffles and a silent auction.